Thursday, January 22, 2004

Blogger gets AtomEnabled

Today, we launched support for Atom in Blogger. This means that all Blogger users now have the ability to syndicate their blog content in a rich XML format (see What is Atom?). In addition, we have rolled out beta support for the Atom API. This means a more robust API for you to use in creating new blogging applications. Some of the benefits of the new API are:

  • support for titles
  • tighter integration with the
    syndication format and editing tools
  • extensibility
  • easy-to-use WSDL file to work with most SOAP toolkits
  • higher security authentication using WSSE
  • more robust Blogger endpoint
  • support for SOAP and REST

More documentation will follow in the next few weeks as the Atom API moves to version 1.0. In the meanwhile, you may want to try the SOAP Atom API client in C# and this WSDL file. You should be able to drop this WSDL file into most developer tools. You can test this client against our Atom API endpoint at: You should enter the endpoint where it currently says http://localhost/AtomApi.asmx in the WSDL. For more general Atom information visit

As always, feedback and comments are appreciated.

[originally posted by Shellen]